Hila Ahmadi - Contact Manager BV M&O

Introducing Hila

Hila started working for Bureau Veritas in a very technical role as a plan approval surveyor. Today she enjoys the great responsibilities that come with being in much closer contact with clients as a contract manager.

Please describe your job as Contract Manager?

As contract manager, my job is to ensure a good coordination between our survey teams around the world and our clients. One of my key tasks is to support clients with the preparation of their surveys. This involves the responsibility of having in-depth knowledge of our clients’ fleet, vessels’ status and trading areas in order to plan the best survey plan to ensure customer’s trust and satisfaction.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

Part of my responsibility involves making important decisions based on vessels’ survey reports. Regardless of the survey results, I need to ensure that both the clients and Bureau Veritas are satisfied with these decisions. I see my role as key in building trust with our clients to help them make the best decisions for their assets safety and performance. Building that trust through constant and positive communication is both a challenging and very rewarding process.

What opportunities have helped you develop your career?

I started my career at Bureau Veritas very early, when I was still a student. Back then I was working in the commercial team. After my Masters’ thesis, which was written in cooperation with Bureau Veritas, the German Plan Approval Office hired me as Plan Approval Surveyor for Machinery and Safety. After three years, I wanted to apply the new skills I had acquired to a role that would allow me to be in closer contact with clients.

Bureau Veritas has given me the opportunity to apply my greatest strengths - personal reliability, accessibility, and customer orientation - in a new role as contract manager.

Why do you recommend working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

Bureau Veritas is the best fit for people who are not afraid to take on new responsibilities and challenge themselves to learn new roles and acquire new skills. It is a truly international company that offers its people the opportunity to move between roles and across continents. This enables global internal exchange of technical knowledge, which is not only beneficial to us as people and as a community but also to our clients’ safety.

What do you enjoy most about working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

Throughout my journey within Bureau Veritas I have felt I could constantly challenge myself: learning new roles, gaining new skills, building on my strengths. Today, my job is very client oriented, focusing on gaining their trust and ensuring their satisfaction. When I succeed in bringing back an ex client, or when an existing client requests a new survey, I know I have owned-up to my responsibilities and it brings me great satisfaction.