Dong Seok Ko - BV employee

Introducing Dong Seok

Dong Seok started his career at Bureau Veritas as a structural engineer and today he specializes in conducting spectral fatigue analysis. What he enjoys most about his job is the fact that there are crews out there sailing safely on commercial vessels thanks to his and his colleagues’ hard work.

Please describe your job as Structural Integrity Surveyor/Structural Engineer?

As a Structural Engineer, my job is to conduct spectral fatigue analysis. This requires carrying out calculations and analysing the results based on the characteristics of each specific vessel. This job also demands that I have regular exchanges with my colleagues when we come across complex situations. This can be challenging but also deeply satisfying because I feel that we are constantly improving the ways we work together. It can also result in the improvement of Bureau Veritas rules and/or new Bureau Veritas software features, contributing to a sense of purpose and teamwork.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

It can be a challenging job because each vessel has its own characteristics and the outcomes of the analyses I carry out can be very unexpected. This also means that I must regularly consult with my colleagues, both in the structural engineering and in the rules development and hydrodynamics departments, to find the most satisfying solutions from everyone’s standpoint. While it can be rather challenging at times, it is a humbling role that allows me to constantly learn from my projects and my colleagues.

What opportunities have helped you develop your career?

I started my career working as a structural engineer in the offshore sector. This allowed me to gather extensive knowledge and skills in the field, and also allowed me to work regularly with Bureau Veritas on common projects. When I joined Bureau Veritas in KPO, my main role was investigating the structural integrity of conventional vessels based on Bureau Veritas prescriptive steel rules.

Later, as the need for ship owners to conduct fatigue assessment with more accurate methodologies increased, I had the opportunity to receive on-the-job training for spectral fatigue analysis. Being able to change roles has been a unique chance for me to continue developing my skills and gain new knowledge.

Dong Seok Ko - BV employee
Dong Seok

Bureau Veritas M&O

At Bureau Veritas people are constantly learning from each other and learning new skills.

Why do you recommend working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

I believe that a surveyor’s key skills must include the ability to carefully balance practicality and conservatism when carrying out each assessment. While this can be challenging at times, it also brings the rewarding aspect of constantly exchanging with colleagues and working together to continue improving people’s safety at sea. It also means that at Bureau Veritas people are constantly learning from each other and learning new skills.

What do you enjoy most about working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

My job is to inspect an industrial product and assure our clients that these products are safe. It means that the relationship with our customers, and with each other, hinges on trust. Trust makes people feel as though they are part of a group with a shared purpose and a willingness to depend on each other. I’ve been intensively conducting spectral fatigue analyses for two and half years now, and I have not heard of any structural issues on any of the vessels I inspected. This means people are sailing safely on board the vessels I inspect and I believe this is the most important mark a surveyor can leave on society.