Christophe started working for Bureau Veritas in South Korea as a site manager. He has since worked in a number of different roles in Norway and now works in China as a New Construction Manager.

Please describe your job as New Construction Manager?

As New Construction Manager my role is to coordinate all the different phases of the construction process. This includes managing wide teams of people with different skills within Bureau Veritas, but also coordinating and managing communication amongst all the other maritime stakeholders involved in the process, including consultants, vendors, contractors and developers. Ultimately, I take pride in knowing that the delivery of the final certificate to the new owner is the product of intense, efficient teamwork.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?

Newbuilding projects involve a large number of maritime industry stakeholders from all over the world. With so many parties involved, and so many cultures, communication needs to be clear, precise and efficient to build and maintain trust. As a TIC company, Bureau Veritas plays a significant role in coordinating the activities of all the different actors in the project and ensuring that communication runs smoothly. This is the most significant challenge I face in my role, but building trust, as a result, is also one of the most rewarding aspects of it.

What opportunities have helped you develop your career?

I believe my career path at Bureau Veritas is a great example of the many possibilities this company offers, as well as its openness towards, and support for, its employees. Since joining the company in 2008, I have worked in a number of different roles, from Site Manager in South Korea to New Construction Project Leader in Norway, to New Construction Manager in China, to name a few.

With each new position Bureau Veritas has given me the opportunity to stay curious about other opportunities in the company and expand my qualifications, leading to the position I have today in China. I particularly appreciated the fact that, after briefly leaving Bureau Veritas for a few years, the company welcomed me back with open arms and allowed me to continue growing as a professional.

Why do you recommend working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

The world of shipping is in constant flux and expansion: for each new project there are new stakeholders from around the world with different cultures, visions and experiences. Working for Bureau Veritas M&O is a unique opportunity to have a key role in the coordination of all these actors, focusing on effective communication to build trust. It is also a unique opportunity to travel the world, open your mind to new cultures and learn to stay humble but ambitious.

What do you enjoy most about working for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore?

Having so many offices around the world is an asset for Bureau Veritas M&O, not just in terms of market expansion but also, and most importantly, from a human relations point of view. The working environment at Bureau Veritas is built on team spirit, openness and inclusiveness towards other cultures and nationalities.