Bureau Veritas’ My BWMP platform helps ship owners and operators comply with the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water & Sediments (BWM Convention), aimed at protecting marine ecosystems from invasive aquatic species carried in ballast tanks.
An online management tool, My BWMP allows ship owners to request quotes, submit documents, and receive an approved ballast water management plan (BWMP). My BWMP forms part of a comprehensive BWM compliance offer from Bureau Veritas. It provides regulatory understanding and helps you choose the most appropriate BWM solutions for your vessels.

Our offer

Simple and effective platform

My BWMP is an easy, accessible way for clients to provide Bureau Veritas with vessel details. Our platform offers a simple process for ship managers and owners to enter information about individual vessels or fleets, and receive a customized quote from Bureau Veritas.

Safe and convenient document submission

My BWMP provides a secure method of document transfer, allowing clients to upload information safely. Additionally, My BWMP allows easy access to documentation: once a BWMP is approved, clients can download the plan directly from the platform.

Online payment and invoicing

When a vessel receives BWM approval, My BWMP generates an automatic request for payment. Clients can review a comprehensive invoice detailing Bureau Veritas’ work to produce a BWMP, and pay directly through the platform.

Detailed guidance on plan submission

My BWMP provides clients with guidance on submitting their BWM Plan, depending on the BWM method selected for :

           - Ballast Water Exchange (Flow-Through, Sequential, combination Flow-Through/Sequential, or Dilution)
           - Ballast Water Performance (ballast water treatment equipment, all associated control equipment,
             monitoring equipment and sampling facilities)