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As marine and offshore units become increasingly connected, unprotected assets are ever more vulnerable to cybercrime.

To prevent hacking, data theft and malware attacks, asset owners can implement a range of cybersecurity measures for both onboard and onshore systems. With iCheck for Cyber Vessel, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore’s convenient, user-friendly application, owners can perform a high-level assessment of cybersecurity risks in their assets and organization. Based on this evaluation, owners can choose to undertake detailed risk analyses of vulnerable systems and measure security procedures against industry best practice guidelines.

Key Benefits

  • Receive a broad overview of cybersecurity in your assets or organization
  • Understand the basics of cybersecurity with this high-level assessment
  • Take the first step towards cyber resilience by evaluating your onboard and offshore systems

Evaluate cybersecurity measures in assets and organizations

iCheck for Cyber Vessel is the first step towards cyber resilience. This application allows users to evaluate the level of cybersecurity present in onboard and offshore systems, and unit infrastructure. By taking this high-level assessment, users receive an overview of cyber risk, and can further educate themselves about cybersecurity measures. 

Control user access to data

A key element of a successful cybersecurity strategy is controlling access to digital systems and information. With iCheck for Cyber Vessel, users can evaluate the extent of administrative privileges and data access granted to onboard and offshore personnel involved with their assets or organization.

Determine network security

iCheck for Cyber Vessel assesses the level network security in a unit or organization. The application reviews procedures for network protections, monitoring network traffic, restrictions on Internet connectivity and the separation of networks for operational and informational technology. 

Assess malware and antivirus protection

With iCheck for cybersecurity, users can receive a high-level overview of their procedures for malware and antivirus protection. The application reviews the presence of protective software, the regularity of software updates and the process of implementing security patches.

Jean-Francois Segretain - Bureau Veritas Marine Technical Director

Bureau Veritas continues to invest in developing specialist skills to help our clients leverage the power of digital systems […] while keeping their ships, crew and data safe.

Jean-François Segretain Marine Technical Director

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