Veristar AIM3D  

Veristar AIM3D leverages Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE digital twin technology to bring to your fingertips the digital transformation regarding Asset Life Management and in particular Asset Integrity Management. 

Veristar AIM3D has been designed to support you in key challenges related to:

  • The management and cost reduction for inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) activities
  • The compliance demonstration and data sharing between parties
  • Building your assets’ digital twins

Veristar AIM3D leverages Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE digital twin technology to provide you information about the state of your assets.

  • Veristar AIM3D improves efficiency, maintains safety, and extends vessel life with 3D modeling of assets
  • Our solution is a centralized source of information that reduces incompatibility problems across software and platforms

  • Veristar AIM3D anticipates issues to reduce OPEX costs relating to maintenance and repair

  • Our solution collates and streamlines data management for all assets

our offer

Veristar AIM3D features rest in three main pillars that differentiate it from any other asset integrity management solution.

A complete Digital Twin

The capacity to present the asset in different manners - detailed 3D, high-level 3D, 2D logical or functional diagrams and even flat list of items - allows to work with a complete virtual avatar of the unit. It can adapt to the most adequate representation according to the user context and the data that needs to be reviewed, edited or completed. It includes the possibility to export the 3D representation for numerical analysis software allowing as-is assessments much faster and less human-error prone.

Smart Data

The capacity to connect to other data sources, such as ERP, CMMS or DMS already present in our clients’ IT infrastructure and to provide intelligent indexation allows the creation of dedicated Business Intelligence dashboards or color indicators directly in the asset representation.


The capacity to manage the data workflow and concurrent data entries for intervention being carried out simultaneously by different team make Veristar AIM3D  a truly collaborative platform.