Bureau Veritas has partnered with Ascenz, a leading provider of maritime operational risk intelligence services, to offer Shipulse to clients worldwide. A real-time vessel monitoring and performance suite, Shipulse works in tandem with Bureau Veritas’ existing tools to track critical shipboard data. This digital application provides the analytical tools necessary to achieve EU MRV compliance, lower fuel costs, and optimize vessel performance.

  • Shipulse’s automated monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions ensures compliance with EU MRV regulations

  • Its data collection and analysis capabilities provide vital insights for decision-making, fuel savings, and vessel performance optimization

  • Shipulse generates a wide variety of monitoring reports (i.e., weather, emissions, fuel consumption) that can be shared across fleets

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Shipulse Data Acquisition System (DAS)

The Shipulse Data Acquisition System (DAS) transforms any vessel into a smart ship, capable of capturing vital shipboard information. By integrating with a vessel’s sensors, the DAS system seamlessly collects and transmits data back to shore via satellite and GSM networks.

EU MRV Offer

Shipulse makes compliance with EU MRV regulations simple. The CarbonComply module automatically fulfills activity data monitoring, reporting, and verification requirements, generating reports on CO2 and other emissions. Shipulse technology also tracks port departure and arrival times, distance traveled, and time spent at sea.

Shipulse bunkering

Shipulse’s BunkerXchange HMI enables comprehensive live monitoring of all bunkering activity, and its alarm panel alerts crew members to potential problems. The tool allows for monitoring and analysis of critical onboard parameters, such as drive gain, flow rate, density, and temperature.

Real-time visualization and performance tracking

The Shipulse Dashboard is a touchscreen panel installed on the bridge that provides real-time visualization of key performance metrics for engine, fuel consumption, hull, and propeller functionality. Performance indexes are compiled into a single graph that shows a ship’s overall performance, enabling crews to respond immediately to concerns or abnormalities.

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Ascenz Solutions

The key value of Shipulse is to bring critical performance information as accurately and seamlessly as possible to shipowners. Our co-operation agreement enables us to enhance our offering and leverage Bureau Veritas’ expertise in vessel performance.
1,200 mass flow meters installed
700 million kilograms of fuel monitored yearly
400 Bureau Veritas classed vessels using Shipulse

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