Launched in September 2016, [bluester] offers digital solutions and online applications to optimize the marine industry’s supply chain processes.

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The [bluester] marketplace enables ship owners and managers to select and purchase technical and professional maritime support services directly from service providers, in a simple, transparent manner. In partnership with Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, [bluester] offers high-level, easily accessible maritime services to a range of clients while benefiting from Bureau Veritas’ top-notch quality assurance services.

Who are the service suppliers concerned?
[bluester] maketplace addresses service suppliers providing services onboard ships, at port of call. They mainly provide testing, inspection, maintenance and repair as listed below:
    - SOLAS equipment services
    - MARPOL and MLC services
    - Cargo gear and cranes services
    - Dry docking and repair services
    - Ultra-sonic thickness measurement services (UTM)
    - Diving services
    - Independent survey services

Ship owners and managers need fast access to reliable information when using online platforms for sourcing service suppliers. Similarly, service suppliers must reassure their buyers of the quality of their services, without undergoing the time-consuming qualification process every time they receive an inquiry from a new buyer. As numerous e-commerce platforms have emerged in the Marine and Offshore market, suppliers and buyers have grown wary of the reliability of available information, and are seeking fair ranking systems ordered in a clear, transparent manner.   

  • Bureau Veritas’ applications offer easy access to all of [bluester]’s online services, including free of charge trial premium accounts
  • [bluester]’s marketplace and RFQ Generator provides information verified by Bureau Veritas
  • Bureau Veritas’s on-line Desktop Verification service is the most efficient and cost-effective resource for suppliers looking for quality assurance
  • Bureau Veritas’s On-Site Inspection service is a standard qualification process customized for technical and maritime services conducted by professional and qualified auditors
  • A recognized third party, Bureau Veritas provides an assurance of quality, reliability, and expediency for purchasing services from marine suppliers

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Registration on [bluester]

Bureau Veritas offers direct access to [bluester] via our website, the Veristar Info portal, My Veristar, PSC Ready and Approval Explorer. Once you have created an account with Bureau Veritas, you can log-on to [bluester] with a single click, using the same account log-in.

Desktop verification

Bureau Veritas performs data cleaning services to verify that service providers' certificates are valid, and match with their profile, as well as buyer’s expectations. This service is performed online and completed within 24 hours by Bureau Veritas Solutions for Marine & Offshore. Watch our video on Desktop Verification

On-Site Inspection

Bureau Veritas has created a Marine and Offshore standard model for Supplier Qualification. This way, the qualification process does not need to be repeated for each buyer. Bureau Veritas auditors complete the process for you and the report is accessible through [bluester], ready to be used by any buyer. You benefit from Bureau Veritas’ expertise and cost optimization.

+6,500 maritime support services suppliers listed on [bluester]
+650 vessels connected to [bluester] one year after launching
30% savings on purchasing processes