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Bureau Veritas to present at ShipInsight 2019

Feb. 4 2019

ShipInsight Conference

When: February 13-14, 2019

Where: London, United Kingdom


Stringent environmental regulations, rising demand for greener and more efficient vessels, and the drive towards the digitization are some of the most significant trends in shipping today.

Designed to bring clarity to the implications of changing regulations, Shipinsight gathers more than 30 industry-leading experts to discuss how the industry can respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Join us for this occasion where our experts will present in the following conference sessions helping bring clarity to the challenges we face.

  • The future is a gas but which one?
    Tightening environmental regulations, setting limits on shipping emissions, have increased the attractiveness of gas as a marine fuel. Bureau Veritas Global Technology Leader for Sustainable Ships, Panos Koutsourakis, will talk about alternative fuels & decarbonization technologies.
  • Cyber risk management
    Asset safety and cyber protection are high on the owners’ agenda. But growing threats, in the form of data theft or sabotage of operations as a result of cybersecurity breaches, are little understood. Bureau Veritas Global Technology Leader for Smart ships, Najmeh Masoudi, will talk through the risks, and possible ways to address these challenges.
  • Big data and maintenance (digital twins)
    Digitalization and big data are removing the constraints and transforming operation for the better. In today’s connected world, 3D models have numerous potential uses throughout the ship’s lifecycle, including 3D classification and asset management. Our Marine Sales & Marketing director, Gijsbert de Jong, will discuss the opportunities and constraints in the shipping industry.
  • Disruptive innovation and autonomy
    Creative destruction is defined as the process of industrial alteration that constantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, destroys the old one, and creates a new one. Innovation, on the other hand, is all about delivering value to customers with applying better solutions.  Gijsbert de Jong, Bureau Veritas Marine Marketing & Sales Director, will elaborate on whether or not the shipping industry is really being disrupted.
  • Demise of the diesel engine
    The shipping industry is under pressure to find solutions to comply with the IMO regulations concerning low carbon shipping and air pollution control. Will alternatives such as fuel cells and renewables really take off as the ultimate solution?
    Jean-François Segretain, Bureau Veritas Marine Technical Director, will share his views on the subject.
  • 2020 Vision - Fuel choice and availability
    With everyone speculating about the fuel quality post-2020, Charlotte  Røjgaard, our VeriFuel Global Technical Manager,  will look into the potential 2020 fuels and the challenges ahead while addressing key points which operators should consider in their preparations. 

For further information & detailed conference program, please visit the official website.